Toaster Oven Reviews

How to Find the Best Toaster Oven

toaster oven reviews

Breville BOV800xl

For the most part, toaster ovens went out of fashion in the mid-1970s, as microwave ovens started to become affordable. But we soon realized that there are some foods that the microwave just doesn’t do well, and having the best toaster oven possible might not be such a bad idea after all.

There are some new and rather remarkable toaster ovens on the market right now that will make cooking not only easier but a little bit fun, too!

Note: Toaster ovens seem to be notoriously unreliable with some users even reporting them bursting into flames. Read this list of the toaster ovens that appear to be safe to use.

What Should You Look For?

If you are just looking for a toaster oven because you have no other way to cook (perhaps in your dorm room), then you don’t need the best toaster oven possible. But if you are looking for a quick and inexpensive way to make certain foods, then this really is the ideal appliance to have.

The first thing that you should look for is the power. Some of the more expensive models are measured in watts (1500 watts, 1800 watts, or more), much like a microwave oven is. What this means is that the higher the wattage, the quicker and more thoroughly your food will cook.

What Features Are There?

In addition to finding a powerful model, you will want one with adjustable features. Many of the high-end models have several pre-set features that will allow you to defrost, warm up, broil, or thoroughly cook just about anything that will fit inside.

What About Size?

The true beauty of the toaster oven is that it is like a mini-oven, but you don’t want it to be so small that you can’t put a good-sized portion in. There are some models that will allow you to put items as large as a chicken in there with no concern for it touching the top. The best toaster oven models are large inside, yet still small enough to put on the kitchen counter.

A toaster oven is something that almost inevitably lives on the kitchen counter, so it does need to look good and have a fairly small footprint. You won’t want one that is so high that it fits snug underneath your kitchen cabinets, as that could pose a fire risk. Therefore, make sure you are aware of how much space you will need both behind and above the toaster oven before you buy it.

What Other Features Should the Best Toaster Oven Have?

There is no doubt that your toaster oven should come equipped with a clock, a timer, an automatic shut-off, and even a programmable feature whereby you can set it to run in the morning when you get up. There should be a removable crumb tray of some sort to make cleaning up a lot easier, and ideally the oven should come with its own broiling tray, since it is unlikely that any other tray you have will fit.

You can buy some very good models online right now that make cooking all kinds of food a lot quicker and much easier, and they will save you money on your utilities, too.

One of the most popular at the moment is the Breville BOV800xl. Read our review of this model here.