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Presto Pressure Canner

These parts of my review are usually fairly light as the topic (in this case pressure canning) is one that typically needs little in the way of an explanation. I’m going to assume that you know at least a little about canning already, but for those just starting out, I’d like to cover some of the basics.

Pressure canners are generally used for preserving food.

First of all some of the best value canners are made by Presto. They sell many different models of pressure cookers but only two pressure canners. Read our Presto pressure canner review to find out more.

More expensive pressure canners like the All American will set you back a lot more but as always, you get what you pay for.

Question: So what is the difference between a cooker and a canner?

Answer: A pressure cooker comes in many different sizes, a canner on the other hand should be able to hold at least four quart size jars. This is because the size allows the canner to heat and cool at a proper interval that is deemed safe. A small cooker may fit pint jars but it may heat and cool too rapidly to properly process. Conversely, a canner can be used as a pressure cooker.

Here is a great source of information on pressure canning.

Question: So who cans, and why should I?

Answer: People all over the world have been canning for, as you could probably guess, a very long time. Anyone can do it. You’ll find homesteaders, hobbyists, gardeners, even survivalists, but the biggest growing segment of new canners is the organic and health conscious consumer. Canning need not be thought of as “old fashioned”, or something your grandma did. Canning is growing in use because it makes sense and because it’s fun!

On with the reviews.

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