The Absolute Best Espresso Machine: How About the Breville Barista Express?

by Keith

[easyazon-image-link asin=”B002S51RQG” alt=”Breville Barista Express BES860XL machine with grinder” src=”” align=”right” width=”149″ height=”160″]Do you fancy making coffee at home for yourself, family, or friends?

To brew your coffee with ease and at convenient times?

If so, you will be glad to note that Breville Barista Express is a pretty darn good coffee making appliance. This beuatiful machine is well designed and as usual form Breville, you can expect dependability.

Its pricing is inline with the features it offers. It not only serves it purpose well, but it is also compact and it takes less space in the kitchen than many other larger machines because the water tank is removable.

A close peek at the features clearly indicates that it was designed to keep soul and mind together (i.e. it’s designed to be easy to use).

Well, something else may also draw your attention and interest. The stainless steel body has the ideal shape and not only that, the control panel fits perfectly in the whole set up.

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breville barista express

Breville Barista Express Features

  • Integrated conical blur built in grinder captures flavor from ground coffee
  • 67oz detachable water tank comes complete with water filtration system
  • It has programmable settings
  • Hidden storage space keeps the accessories neatly

Breville Barista Express Benefits

  • From bean to cup in under 2 minutes. No hanging around
  • Flexible filters so you can experiment with the best size of grind. Become an espresso artist
  • Easy for beginners to get a good espresso crema immediately
  • Will look beautiful on your kitchen counter

Integrated burr grinder – when brewing, only freshly ground beans have the ability to produce good espresso and, to help you out, this espresso machine comes with a conical burr grinder. This option facilitates faster grinding of the right amount of coffee to match your brewing needs. Note, this does not always occur in semi-automatic machines as such, but it comes as a privilege when you acquire the Breville Barista Express machine.

Detachable tamper- this is one of the proven convenient features that you will come across when using this absolute espresso machine. This part is located just where you would want it to be and not only that; you have the freedom to tamp coffee while the tamper is in its usual place. If you don’t find this option convenient because of the fear that machine will be overturning, you can remove the tamper and tamp coffee as usual.

Control panel – its control panel looks great and the details are just enough, not excessive. This machine will really simplify coffee brewing because it does not come out as technically sophisticated for regular use. You only need to know the right push button before brewing get underway. So, you won’t have to fumble about trying to figure how you would get a quick steaming cappuccino in your kitchen. This is a consumer friendly appliance which gives greater and better control. You will just love the operation and the ease with which you will grind the coffee.

In short, this device is compact, easy to use, and operations instructions are straight forward. You can always make adjustments to the get the right grind to suit your taste preferences when preparing coffee. The Breville Barista Express machine will certainly delight you especially if you are in the habit of making espresso before or after work every day.

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